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29 November 2008 @ 03:43 pm
I need to fund my JROCK fandom, sooo please take a look and see if anything interests you. 8D

1) Singaporeans preferred.
2) MEETUPS only for magazines and CDs.
3) Other methods of payment include CONCEALED CASH (at your own risk), POSB Bank Transfer and MEETUPS.
4) Meetups only at my convenience, most preferably YCK/AMK, and possibly Orchard.
5) If you are interested, please email me, I will not be responding to comments: existtrace_judea@yahoo.com.sg
6) It's my first time selling so I have no feedback, should you need more details, please ask. \8D/

Bad photo-taking is bad, sorry. >.>'

Pinups not included, 8SGD each.

NewS Summertime LE -- 15SGD
    - opened but still in mint condition. played once.
Pacific NewS Album -- 12SGD
    - opened, but in good condition. played a couple of times.

4.00SGD each for the following:

Takaki official shop photos, left to right (1, 2, 3).

4, 5

HS7, Yamapi and Takaki: 4.00 SGD each


Super Junior Don't Don repackage: 16SGD (includes two CDs, Chinese Translated)
    - There is a slight defect, but doesn't affect the packaging or CDs, only ask for pictures if interested.~

Super Junior Happy Cooking Cooking Single: 23SGD
    - Bought online for 26SGD, played once, in very good condition.

Do email me if interested. :3